Every chronic illness survivor is a hero. Each year, a few of those survivors reach their spirits so high that they touch the stars. They hold their lives and push into their own destiny. Pressing the boundaries of what illness labels us as, these survivors help others to survive, and they are catapulted into a new stratosphere of human capabilities. They are the rare, the few, and the amazing. They become this world’s heroes.

This year, we have selected a very special duo. Terry and Linda Jamison. They are twins who have survived through extreme illness and still made an enormous name for themselves. You see, for those who perhaps may not know, Linda and Terry are psychic, and they have devoted their lives to doing whatever they could to help others who need them. This includes the Invisible Diseases community, among many others. Their worldly success never overshadows their drive to spread love and hope. They truly are incredible human spirits, and they are this year’s recipients of the honorable Invisible Diseases Visible Hero award!

Please join us in honoring these two amazing women! Take a moment and read all about them, in their own words. Be sure to also check out their full bio, web links, best-selling books and televised videos below… (We told you, these women are pretty darn amazing!)

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