by Terry and Linda Jamison

“Hearts rebuilt from hope resurrect dreams killed by hate.”
– Aberjhani, The River of Winged Dreams

Greetings, Future Fanatics spanning the globe …

The future that we all feared is here. Remember when everyone thought 2012 was going to be an apocalyptic end to the world? Turns out, the worst apocalyptic events happened in 2020. The year 2020 was the deadliest in American history, with COVID deaths now averaging 2,800 lives lost every day.

Honestly, we believe everyone should get a trophy for surviving 2020! We are thinking of all who have lost family members or friends in the pandemic, and pray that you stay strong.

First, a personal update. The quarantine experience for us, while challenging, showed us that we are pretty good at this whole isolating thing. A lifetime as artists and writers prepared us well for quarantine. It has also given us a chance to write our fifth book. Oh, and we’re happy to tell you we also won two awards: The Visible Heroes Award (2019) and The British Web Awards for our comedy series The G-Spot (2020). It was pretty exciting and very unexpected.

Last year, real happiness did not arrive—for most of us—as fancy cars, homes or vacations, but a deeper appreciation for all that you have …the treasures of the heart. It is important to have hope in all of this heartache. Reach out to others—they can share your joy and heal your pain.

This past year has been the most difficult of our lifetimes. For the first time in history, the entire world battled a common enemy: the Coronavirus Pandemic.
The COVID-19 Pandemic has now infected more than 80 million people and killed over 1.7 million worldwide, according to real-time data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. The US has eclipsed all other countries, reporting more than 20.4 million cases and more than 352,000 people have died (as of January 3, 2021). By April, we could have 562,000 total deaths in the US alone. The huge “second wave” surge that we predicted was even bigger than those in the health field had expected.

We did predict the Coronavirus pandemic and the breakthrough vaccines now rolling out worldwide, for the year 2020.

The COVID-19 virus is raging out of control, and has changed literally every aspect of our lives. COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the US. It has forced us to reinvent how we live, work, and learn. Disinformation and attacks on science experts have distorted public perceptions and produced confusion and paranoia. The next four years will be about healing, innovation and spiritual growth.

It is a time of universal grief. But crisis can inspire art, caring, community and connectivity as we enter the new year with hope.

COVID is one of the worst humanitarian disasters in this millennium. The next few months will be the darkest winter in American history. The virus is so contagious, it will be around us for perpetuity perhaps. It will be endemic, which means it won’t go away completely but rather mutates. We predicted that there would be a second wave, which is happening now. Our country is learning a lot about science through this, and a greater respect for experts. This is an opportunity to learn resilience, and a chance to focus on what really matters. 2020 and 2021 is a time of reckoning for all of us, as the virus exposes every weakness in our society. As Dr. Sanjay Gupta said, science cannot rescue us from ourselves. But we see people coming together and caring for others in ways they never did before.

Things are not going to be “normal” for quite a while. Even with the vaccines and masks, we will need to use caution over the next two years, to protect ourselves and others. The majority of the population should be vaccinated toward the end of 2021. The question we get most often is “Are vaccinations safe?” We are not doctors, and everyone should make that decision for themselves. Vaccines do have side effects. There are no “magic bullets” but there are reasons for hope! Focus on the good, find the helpers around you. Bolster your immune system with a healthy diet, vitamins, adequate sleep and exercise.

The coronavirus vaccine will not substantially reduce the spread of the virus until the fall. It will take at least 100 million Americans to be immunized before viral spread, hospitalizations or fatalities can go down.

We are optimistic that the COVID-19 vaccines will have a positive impact, and will reduce illness and death related to Coronavirus in the coming years.

Don’t succumb to helplessness or fear. You never know what you are capable of until you are tested. We have to be willing to let go of our old identity to begin a new life as survivors of a pandemic. The process can seem like mourning a death to a way of being. Surrender and faith are required to birth a new identity, and it will require a sort of spiritual alchemy. In these unprecedented times, be kind to yourself. Know that it’s okay to not be okay right now. Reach out for help if you need it.

**Note: this is a long predictions article, so make sure you scroll down through the ads to read everything!


We have predicted the world’s biggest events over the last 22 years, and in this article, we have incorporated some futurist and tech trends that we feel will emerge in the near future. As we always say, the future is written in pencil, not etched in stone. We all have the power to change our personal and collective destinies!

Here are some of our biggest predictions we made for 2019 and 2020:

“On a positive note, we see more people continuing to be engaged at a grass roots level, uniting toward change against social and racial injustice. There will be a large number of Democrats running for President in 2020, including women.”

“We also see more representation of diversity in film and television in
2019. TV and film producers will need to feature more inclusion going forward if they want to stay relevant.”

“We see the new generation (Gen Z) being more motivated to disrupt the status quo than millennials over the next few years.  If you thought 2018 was the year of protests, strap yourself in.”

“Scientists around the world are uncovering breakthroughs that will change the way we live, work and interact with others.”

We also predicted a big HIV breakthrough. A team of doctors, including virologist Ravindra Gupta, cured HIV in a person for only the second time ever, in 2019.

“It was really huge news,” Gupta told CNN. “The first time it happened was nearly 10 years ago, and people had not been able to do it again, so people wondered whether this was real or whether it was a fluke.”

Fair to say that all of our Donald Trump predictions happened, including his impeachment, endless lawsuits, shocking election loss to Joe Biden, and the chaos that ensued in his failed attempts to overturn the election results. Read more of them below.

Note: No portions of this post may be copied or reprinted without the permission of Linda and Terry Jamison. Beware of imitators! The Psychic Twins is an officially registered trademark. © 2021


“We see more efforts in the future to control epidemics and contagious diseases. New vaccines will show promise. We see more ‘super drugs’ being developed to fight growing pandemics.”

“It could take at least a year to develop a working vaccine for everyone, but there may be an emergency vaccine available by the end of 2020 for health care workers on the front lines. As we predicted, many vaccines are in development now.”

Two COVID-19 vaccines are now authorized and rolling out in the United States. The Moderna vaccine comes on the heels of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, which is being given to health care workers and nursing home residents first. The Coronavirus variant strains (mutations) we predicted for 2020 are happening now, and dozens of countries are testing travelers and closing borders. Many other vaccines will become available worldwide in 2021, such as the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine (rolling out January 4th in the UK).

** For all of our Coronavirus and vaccine predictions, see our blog “Don’t Stop Believing.” (CLICK link here) We have listed many of them at the end of this article.



We said in our YouTube video with Shane Dawson back in 2016 that we didn’t see Trump serving more than one term as President. This year, we foresaw Joe Biden winning the 2020 election, and his 81+ million votes was record-breaking.

Joe Biden pulled off a rare defeat of a sitting president, getting more votes than anyone in history. (Note: Trump will be the first one-term president in 27 years. This was not an easy prediction to make.)

We live in a post-truth world. There has been so much scandal and disinformation around the 2020 election it is hard for some people to see what is true and what is false. Psychic intelligence has never been more important as we navigate our way forward.

We had predicted in 2018 many lawsuits and scandals would plague Trump throughout his administration, which has been happening.

There are now historic investigations into every aspect of Trump’s political and business life: Trump’s campaign, transition, inauguration, administration, as well as his Trump organization and Trump Foundation.

Trump will continue to face many legal problems on the federal and state levels once he leaves office January 20th. Investigations into the Trump organization will continue, as they are not protected by a pardon. Trump will be criminally indicted eventually. New York Attorney General Letitia James is conducting a civil investigation into the Trump Organization. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is conducting an investigation into Trump and the Trump Organization for bank and insurance fraud. Donald Trump is also facing two sexual assault cases.

We had predicted back in 2018 and 2019 that the Trump administration would continue to be embroiled in unrelenting controversies. We said: “Trump will continue to govern by decree like a monarch, causing chaos and global backlash. We are seeing more drama coming—many more indictments, and more shoes dropping on the Trump administration and family members, especially his children Don Jr. and Ivanka. When Donald Trump leaves office, he will be facing many major lawsuits.”

We also predicted: “Revelations about the Trump money trail will be especially damning. Major upheaval is coming…When history looks back, this will prove to be a bigger scandal than Watergate. We see the money laundering and tax fraud investigations into Donald Trump will expose shocking information.”

Putin’s campaign to meddle in the US 2020 election was over the top. (We were the first to predict Russian cyber interference many years ago on Beyond the Gate radio).

Trump will go out like a wrecking ball. The coup he is openly trying to pull off (overturning the 2021 election) will not be successful.
Trump has been challenging Fox News. Don’t be surprised if he launches a right-wing media brand of his own after he leaves the White House.

We are seeing a health issue for Donald Trump in the future, but there will be attempts to cover it up.


We have foreseen many of the major stock crashes and corrections since the 90s. As we have said for years, prediction isn’t an exact science. Nobody can predict with 100% accuracy.

We see increasing volatility and uncertainty in the stock market, with extreme fluctuations globally. Expect some wild market swings in 2021 and 2022.

The US is headed toward a greater recession than the 2007-2009 crisis.
However, there will be gradual economic growth in the coming years.
Some industries have been hard-hit by COVID shutdowns. Unfortunately, many hotels, restaurants and music venues will not reopen.

The global economy is projected to lose $12 Trillion dollars by the end of 2021.

Yet, even as the pandemic drags on, the world economy will prove to be remarkably resilient. China’s economy will rebound more quickly.

Remote work will change city life as we know it.


This is a difficult period in our history. We’re seeing the erosion of democracy. Our country is in the throes of a political, cultural and racial divide.

President elect Biden faces a complex economic crisis. We still have close to 12 million people unemployed in the US. The labor market will take years to recover, and many thousands of small businesses will not come back, particularly in the leisure and hospitality sectors. We do feel that quite a few larger businesses will be reopening in the second half of 2021, with restrictions.

Biden-Harris will prioritize immigration reform in the first few months.

Joe Biden is planning executive orders to reverse Trump policies, including re-joining the Paris Climate Accord, reversing the Muslim immigration ban, repealing Trump’s actions towards ‘Dreamers’ and reinstating our relationship with the World Health Organization.
He will also work on implementing a student loans relief plan.

We are in a defining moment. Moral leadership is crucial right now. The situation that Biden has inherited is much worse than any other modern president. Trump will continue to make things difficult for Biden and Harris.

Internationally, Biden will rebuild coalitions with allies that were broken by Trump, opening up dialogue to win back trust with the European Union and the United Kingdom. His relationship with Vladimir Putin will be drastically different from Trump’s. There will be consequences to countries who attack the U.S. with malicious cyber operations.

Kamala Harris will be the first female VP in history. Harris represents the new Democratic party, appealing to younger voters, women, and minorities. She will rally young Democrats who feel disenfranchised and ignored by the government. Watch more women than ever before taking top government positions and leading roles in corporations.

Joe Biden, who ran as a unifier, will try to find a common agenda between the divided Americas. One of his biggest challenges will be the far left of the Democratic party (leaders with progressive priorities such as Medicare for All and the Green New Deal). Their pushback can prevent compromise deals with Republicans from happening in Congress.


As you know, we predicted the biggest cyberattacks in history.
The ‘SolarWinds’ cyberattacks by Russia on the US government and tech companies in 2020 (since February) was called “the largest espionage attack in history,” and “an act of war equal to Pearl Harbor.”

We are seeing some massive data breaches and Ransomware attacks in 2021 and 2022 that will be mind-boggling in scope, affecting tens of millions of people. Some of these data breaches will affect COVID vaccine supply chains.

There will be more dangerous hacking campaigns by Russia, China and Iran against major companies and government agencies, causing panic and untold damage that will take years to repair. The US needs to up its game, as we have been saying for years. Russia is outsmarting the top experts with its advanced cyberwar strategies never before seen.

Cyberhacking is the warfare of the future. We are seeing demand for cybersecurity jobs blowing up in the coming years.


Domestic Terrorism

White radicalism is the greatest terror threat facing our country now. We see these violent extremist groups continuing to commit lethal attacks in the US, targeting racial and religious minorities, the LGBTQ community and politicians.

Unfortunately, there will be more attacks like the Christmas suicide bombing in Nashville, Tennessee, but with more casualties.

We see more lone wolves and small cells of individuals who are seeking to advance their agendas. These groups are networking more and more with radical extremists abroad. Disenfranchisement, repression, and humiliation can drive some to seek power and control through violent acts.

Extremists will continue efforts to play on public fears, intimidate targets, and promote their violent political ideologies using weapons such as guns, knives and explosive devices (IEDs).

We see plots in New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, and Washington D.C. Stay vigilant.

We are also seeing at least two assassination plots against Joe Biden in the next several years, and we pray that these will be thwarted.

International Terror

Internationally, jihadist terrorist organizations like ISIS and al Qaeda (and radicals inspired by them) will continue to recruit and operate in many countries, carrying out random terror attacks. Be alert for attacks in France, England, Spain, Turkey, Germany, China, Indonesia/Philippines, Canada and Australia.

Gen Z

We had predicted that Generation Z would be more motivated than millennials to take positive action for change in society and government. This turned out to be the case. Bernie Sanders said after the 2020 election: “Our young people are the most progressive generation in U.S. history, and they’re making their voices heard. As a result of a huge increase in voter turnout, people under 30 played a major role in Biden’s victory. They are transforming America.” We do see this movement continuing in 2021 and 2022, and many protests worldwide for change.

We see the new generation (Gen Z) being more motivated to disrupt the status quo than millennials over the next few years.


As we had predicted, the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active and the seventh costliest season on record. Of the 30 named storms, 12 made landfall in the US, breaking the record of nine set in 1916. As of October, there were 16 weather events in 2020 where losses exceeded $1 billion each.

In January 2019, we said “Climate change will wreak havoc, and natural disasters will plague 2019 and 2020. Weather disasters will become more extreme, increasing in severity and frequency in the coming years.”

We see climate change continuing to cause destruction worldwide in 2021 and 2022. Deadly hurricanes and cyclones, massive flooding, earthquakes, mega-fires and drought will besiege the planet for years to come.

We also said: “Annual fires have tripled in California since 1970″. The last eight greatest destructive California fires have occurred since 2017. Let that sink in.

Sadly, this is not going to get better anytime soon. Expect to see more intense, mass casualty wildfires in the western US, including California.”

The last 10 years have shattered records. 2020 wildfires were the worst ever.

Record-breaking wildfires are occurring more often. Eight of the 10 largest fires in California history have burned in the past decade. In September, the massive August Complex became the largest fire in the state’s history.

Intense heat and drought are going to make this situation much worse in the future.

Green Energy Predictions

With the Biden administration, we will see a renewed focus leading to real solutions for the threat of climate change. In 2021, we are seeing global investments in renewable energy surpassing fossil fuel (oil and gas) for the first time ever. Millions of jobs will be created.

Over the next several years, many big private equity firms will be shifting their investments into decarbonization technologies.
COVID-19 is accelerating this dramatic transition.

In 2019, we had predicted: “Renewable energy (such as solar and wind power) will be more and more widespread in the coming years as costs come down. Solar energy will become the energy of the future.”

We are also seeing increasing earthquake and volcanic activity around the globe, especially the Ring of Fire. Make sure you have earthquake emergency supplies and first-aid kits close by.


Most of our predictions did happen, including the foldable smartphone, AI, 3D printing advancements, bionic limbs and exoskeletons, renewable energy and self-driving cars.

In the near future, math and science skills will be at a premium, with a whole new set of jobs being created. We see some pretty cool innovations coming up. Here are a few game changers to watch for:

Drone deliveries

5G services (China will dominate this field)

Robotics – broader adoption of robots in industries like farming, forestry clearing, medicine and construction.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, once mainly used in gaming, will become more integrated into our lives to assist in training, education, entertainment, marketing, even rehabilitation after an injury. Either technology could be used to train doctors to do surgical procedures.

Plant-based Revolution will expand to include more conscious products, packaging, fashion, and home goods that are planet-friendly, and prioritize well-being.

Urban farming trend will explode – There has also been a 70% increase in farming by millennials since 2008. US households participating in community gardening has also increased by the millions. This movement not only provides unique opportunities to bridge diverse communities together, the energy-efficient nature of urban agriculture can help reduce each city’s carbon footprint.

Note: No portions of this post may be copied or reprinted without the permission of Linda and Terry Jamison. Beware of imitators! The Psychic Twins is an officially registered trademark. © 2021

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Our First Book
SEPARATED AT EARTH: The Story of the Psychic Twins is the inspiring, amazing story of the world-famous Psychic Twins, Terry and Linda Jamison. “The Psychic Twins” are internationally acclaimed for their astounding predictions of the 9/11 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, and the 2000 stock market crash (all on national radio show Art Bell, 1999.) Separated at Earth is the inspiring, amazing true story and it is available on by clicking here.

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Coronavirus therapeutics, breakthrough medications and treatments: Just three therapeutics have been approved to treat COVID-19. We see more being tested and approved for use worldwide.

Multiple Sclerosis

New Medications for Cystic Fibrosis

Migraine treatments

Cancer treatments

Hepatitis C treatment

Heart disease

Treatments for Depression and mental health: psychedelic drugs like psilocybin and LSD will be medically developed for depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Autism therapies


We also see an increased access to Telemedicine, and a surge in digital health solutions such as remote monitoring of illnesses.


Our planet is going through a profound cycle where people are being forced to evaluate their attachments and focus on ego, power, and material wants. David Korten, former professor of Harvard Business School, and author Joanna Macy described this period of history as ‘The Great Turning.’ Korten saw our world on the verge of converging crises, including climate change, corporate control, domination through violence, chauvinism, and a financial crisis caused by an unbalanced global economy. This will precipitate major changes to the current economic and social structure.

This perfect storm is creating a massive shift in consciousness and an opportunity for the emergence of an “Earth Community,” based on sustainable, just, and caring communities that incorporate the values of mutual responsibility and accountability.

2021 and 2022 promise to be a breakthrough time for our country and the world. The human spirit is resilient. We will rebound from this disaster as we have many times before.

We always try to see a silver lining in the chaos. Rebirth is possible. The seeds of revolution are being awakened to a realization of what can emerge from the ashes of destruction and profound loss.

As we have said before, this is a critical juncture in history for humans. The ecological crisis and depletion of resources globally is forcing us toward a new way of being. It is up to each of us to take responsibility and do our part—however small—to heal the planet.

Painful challenges serve as a wake-up call to appreciate that we have more courage and compassion than we thought. We can choose to unite with others in a powerful wave of action to create positive—even revolutionary—change in our world.

The new year is a fresh start, a new opportunity to heal our families, our relationships, and our country. Let’s be more open, more giving.

Thank you all for your support over the years. This year, we send you our love and pray you will have the courage, insight, and wisdom you need to manifest your dreams.
It is written in the stars.

Stay safe, stay woke… and we’ll see you in the future.

Linda and Terry Jamison
The Psychic Twins

Note: No portions of this post may be copied or reprinted without the permission of Linda and Terry Jamison. Beware of imitators! The Psychic Twins is an officially registered trademark. © 2021

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From our website – World Predictions for 2019 and 2020 (posted January 1, 2019):

“We see more efforts in the future to control epidemics and contagious diseases. New vaccines will show promise.
We see more ‘super drugs’ being developed to fight growing pandemics.”

The following predictions were made in our blog “Don’t Stop Believing” published March 2020 (the start of the pandemic) for the Coronavirus Pandemic and vaccines. All of them happened:

“The question we get the most has to be “When is this virus going away?” Well, it won’t. But the answer is complex. The virus will come in waves, as mutations will naturally occur. And people who overcome the virus and become asymptomatic may be reactivated later. Businesses will start to open up by region and state by state, as the curve flattens. We see some cities banning concerts and sporting events until next year.”

“The only people that should be calling the shots are scientists and medical experts. This is also the worst economic crisis in our lifetime, with more than 26 Million people filing for unemployment insurance this month, wiping out a decade of job gains.”

“The work and social landscape will never be the same, as this will be a “new normal” for all of us. Try to be patient, kind and sensitive to everyone at this time.”

“We’re all in this together. Reach out to older neighbors and relatives, and people who live alone to make sure they’re okay.
We will gradually be returning to work, but with many constraints through 2021 and even 2022. The federal government needs to scale up blood and antibody testing, tracking and tracing (which is woefully lacking on the level we need). Social distancing will need to be practiced by certain groups off and on through 2021 and beyond.”

The race to develop Coronavirus vaccines and treatments
We said in April 2020: “It could take at least a year to develop a working vaccine for everyone, but there may be an emergency vaccine available by the end of 2020 for health care workers on the front lines.”
As we predicted, many vaccines are in development now.

“A balance needs to be struck between opening the country again and social distancing. Opening the doors too soon can lead to mass reinfection of the public, as this is such a contagious virus. This could lead to more statewide lockdowns and quarantine. There are no easy answers here. We see states opening up in phases, some starting in May, depending on how many cases of the virus they have. Testing will be more widely available in the fall, but still way short of what is needed.”

“Trump is facing a turbulent time [in 2019 and 2020]… The Trump administration will continue to be embroiled in unrelenting controversies. Trump will continue to govern by decree like a monarch, causing chaos and global backlash. We see more drama coming…”

Recession and stock crash prediction:
“We see increasing volatility in the stock market, with extreme fluctuations globally. Get ready for some wild market swings in 2019 and 2020. “Mini-crashes” will happen throughout the next two years, so keep an eye on your investments…

“We believe that a recession in the US in not likely to happen in 2019, however, the US economy will slow in the second half of 2019 and in 2020… There will be more trade wars with China, and a slowdown in GDP growth.” (Update: The economy contracted by 10.8% in the first quarter of 2020, which would be the steepest drop in gross domestic product since 1947. Economists say the economy entered recession in March of 2020)

This is a tweet of ours from 2015 (time-stamped) from April 2, 2015, where we predicted the pandemic:

Psychic Twins: “We do see a growing emergence of epidemics and infectious diseases globally.”
(Excerpt from our World Predictions on Beyond the Gate Radio 1/11/15)

We also predicted the COVID pandemic and vaccines in our ‘GOOD NEWS PREDICTIONS – 2019 and 2020 PREDICTIONS’ video on our YouTube Channel:

(5:56 – 6:24 in this video) “We see more efforts to control epidemics and contagious diseases. New vaccines will show promise. We see more ‘super drugs’ being developed to fight growing pandemics and viruses. There will be advancements in developing vaccines to fight cancer and flu outbreaks worldwide.”

Thoughts on the Future of Work

We asked our friend, entrepreneur Shelly Bennecke, to contribute some thoughts on the future of work. Many thanks to Shelly for her input!
by Shelly C. Bennecke, Alumna Said Business School, University of Oxford

The themes are Work From Anywhere (#WFA) and Hire For Talent
Why shouldn’t we be able to work from anywhere? Talent is everywhere so why don’t we simply hire for talent?
Arguably, anyone can provide a service to a community or to the world. With this entire globe full of people able to work we can activate and employ technology from anywhere and from nearly anyone able and willing.

Work From Anywhere and HFT is a new way of thinking about problem solving. Who are the best and brightest minds we can bring together to solve a local or global issue? Crowdsourcing HFT can become a lucrative part of this new balanced way of working and living.

Some have been trained for decades with their jobs as entrepreneurs or field staff for major corporations, while many others have just experienced this type of flexibility and freedom in time during the COVID chapter. Each will assist one another in getting ready to adopt new change from this to that.

The opportunity ahead of us is in seeing transferable talent and a shift in allocation of our personal time, and in a business sense for operating and capital expenditure savings. Those savings can go into many productive outlets.

For instance, commercial building space will go through a rebirth into uses unforeseen due to the WFA and of dollars saved by those companies exiting while taking this path. On the other hand, the door that opens is perhaps Amazon and other virtual retailers taking over commercial buildings for fulfillment centers. Why? Because of time—it is all we have and cannot get back, frankly. If those virtual businesses can give us some “time back” by finding a more effective and efficient way of distributing the things people want, when they want them, then we may have more time to be focused on ourselves, one another, our well-being (and of course work).

Think “shift in allocation,” not a mass exodus or loss. Think balanced quality and effort—not something taken away. In a funny way, it’s almost a boomerang back to the olden days… more local, and more time together. People do not have to be so far away from one another and with more convenient options and more time, we have the joy of truly living life in a more village and communal aspect… it’s just embedded in a higher tech supported way. Love, light, and beauty are here to stay and guide the way.

Note: No portions of this post may be copied or reprinted without the permission of Linda and Terry Jamison. Beware of imitators! The Psychic Twins is an officially registered trademark. © 2021