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Just when you thought we couldn’t get worse weather, the US got one record- breaking storm after another! Yes, we did predict all of them on Beyond the Gate Radio 1/11/15…here’s a re-cap:


Boston topped 100 inches of snow in a season for the second time in recorded history this week, which brings this season’s total to 102 inches. That’s 5 inches shy of the all-time record! Boston has smashed several snowfall records, including snowiest February and snowiest all-time month, and one of the coldest as well, breaking the record for most sub-freezing days ever seen in February.

We also saw ‘The Blizzard of 2015’ slam the New England coast with significant coastal flooding. Hundreds of thousands were without power as winter storms blasted the South and Mid-Atlantic states, and sadly, dozens of people have died from snow and freeze-related conditions.


Niagara Falls froze over and the Great Lakes are still 90% frozen solid!
The “Arctic Blast” brought historic cold across the US, and was longer in duration and more severe than what the country experienced in January 2014’s “Polar Vortex.”
Much of the country faced a record deep freeze, with historic cold reported across the eastern United States, South and Midwest.
27 states are still under extreme wind chill warnings. Some of the coldest weather in decades stretches from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Temps plummeted to minus -30 in many northern cities, 30 degrees below normal!

Detroit and Chicago were hit with their third-biggest snowstorms in history, with close to 20 inches. Bangor, Maine had a record 53 inches of snow in 30 days, which hasn’t been seen since 1969.


In Australia, two very destructive CAT 5 Cyclones hit Queensland and the Northeast coast last week.

We are sending warm thoughts to all of you in the storm areas!

We already aired two annual world predictions shows in January—scroll down for the links. Thanks for all your kind and supportive posts and emails.

The new Predictions Shows are on YouTube (links below), with over 60,000 views, and full transcript on Scribd.

Keep reading…below, we have listed a record 100 world predictions we made that happened in December of 2014.

Stay safe…and we’ll see you in the future…

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**As a side note here, we have many people online who are making up lies about our predictions, because they are afraid of what they don’t understand. We share this not as a victory lap, but to correct misunderstandings and in our own defense. We appreciate all of you who have helped to defend our work over the years, and who have contradicted the false stories about us online. We NEVER doctor our radio shows or YouTube videos, or edit them after they air. That is why we make our predictions on the shows that other people own.



The Psychic Twins on BEYOND THE GATE RADIO with New World Predictions for 2015-16 (podcast)

It’s become an annual tradition…This year we celebrated our 5th year making world predictions on David Baker’s show, and the 5th Anniversary of Beyond the Gate Radio!
This show aired live on January 11, 2015 at 6:00 pm Pacific time.
Click here to listen:

Scribd: World Predictions for 2015-2016 by Terry & Linda Jamison, THE PSYCHIC TWINS (Complete Transcript)

Also: The Psychic Twins on Intuitive Transformation Radio, with host Matthew Engel – New bonus predictions for 2015-16 (podcast) –
This show aired on January 15, 2015 (recorded on January 7, 2015)

To listen to the podcast, click on link below and click on arrow to start:

Below, we have listed our world predictions that happened in December 2014, according to category. To read all of our 1,200 documented world predictions from 1998 to 2015, visit our website and click on the “Predictions” link.

(a new record)

(All predicted on 1/6/14 Beyond the Gate)

Listen to last year’s show: The Psychic Twins’ 2014-15 Predictions Show on Beyond the Gate radio now! We have 300,000 hits on this show alone:

Government, Political and Military Scandals

  • Texas leading 24 States suing the Obama Administration over his executive actions on Immigration – 12/11/14
  • House Republicans challenge Obama’s executive actions, file lawsuit over ObamaCare – 11/21/14
  • Oracle slaps Oregon with lawsuit over troubled ObamaCare website – 12/1/14
  • Obama advisor Gruber admitted ObamaCare “might not be affordable” while he was writing the bill with the White House – 12/31/14
  • CIA report: CIA misled Americans after 9/11 – 12/9/14
  • Military scandal: 12 Navy sailors implicated in filming female officers showering; investigation underway – 12/4/14
  • IRS and DOJ scandal: Justice Department involved in IRS targeting – 800 emails reveal conspiracy to target conservatives – 12/10/14
  • New York Congressman Grimm pleads guilty to federal tax evasion, wire fraud and perjury (Rep. Grimm later resigned) – 12/23/14
  • Federal government recognizes same-sex marriages in six more states (total of 32 states) – (Predicted on Art Bell Coast to Coast AM, 2/2/99) – 10/25/14

Economy/ Financial Fraud/ Scandals/ Cyber Attacks

  • New York Deutsche Bank charged with tax fraud to avoid $190 Million in taxes – 12/8/14
  • 70% of US industries added jobs in November 2014 – 12/5/14
  • “SONY-POCALYPSE”: Sony cyberhack was worst ever. Sony employees’ families threatened: “Your families are in danger.” (FBI determined North Korea was responsible) – 12/4/14
  • Sony cyberattack was the most damaging corporate hack in history, called “an act of war” by FBI – 12/16/14
  • Sony hackers expose celebrity aliases, salaries, scripts, contracts, and personal info (all leaked online) – North Korea responsible – 12/9/14
  • Sony PlayStation Network taken down by hackers again: Lizard Squad claims responsibility. Also hacked Xbox Live last week – 12/8/14
  • Christmas Day hack: Sony PlayStation and Xbox Live down again, 160 million customers affected; Lizard Squad takes credit – 12/25/14
  • Update Sony: 3 Sony workers sue Sony over data breach in class action lawsuit – 12/18/14
  • North Korea deep into cyber warfare, defector says – “Bureau 121 Agency” has 1,800 cyberwarriors – 12/18/14
  • North Korea’s internet appears to be under mass cyberattack, possibly by US – 12/22/14
  • Government hacks and security breaches skyrocket – “Espionage is happening at a rate we have never seen before,” said Denise Zheng – 12/19/14
  • Iran hackers targeting US energy, defense firms, FBI warns – 12/12/14
  • Russian Ruble falls to new record lows, falls 57% in value since January, lost $150 Billion in 4 months…Economy “in collapse” – 12/16/14
  • DOW plunges 315 points to end worst week in 3 years – 12/12/14
  • Stock Market volatility returns with a vengeance in second half of 2014 – 12/12/14
  • DOW up +421 in largest 2-day rise in six years – 12/18/14
  • Hackers with Wall Street expertise stole merger and acquisition information from more than 80 companies for a year. Called “new wave of insider trading” – 12/1/14
  • Bebe Clothing store hacked, exposes payment card info – 12/5/14
  • Staples hack exposes 1.2 million credit cards in 115 of chain’s office supply stores – 12/19/14
  • JFK Airport gun bust: 4 arrested in one of biggest security breaches in years. Feds bust Delta Airlines gun-smuggling ring. 153 firearms, many loaded, were smuggled in 20 Delta flights between Atlanta and New York City – 12/22/14
  • Wells Fargo Bank fined for anti-money laundering failures -12/18/14

Terrorism, Lone Wolf Terror Attacks, School Shootings, Riots

  • New York: police kill intruder who stabbed student in NY synagogue – 12/9/14
  • New York City: 2 NYPD Police killed in ambush in Brooklyn. Suspect boasted about “revenge killing of cops” – also killed girlfriend in Maryland, then himself – 12/20/14
  • New York: NYPD facing a wave of violent threats against officers. 8 arrested in 5 days – 12/25/14
  • New York City: 40 separate threats made against NYC police in 3 days, since Brooklyn cop killings – 12/24/14
  • Los Angeles, California: 3 wounded in triple shooting in Beverlywood; suspect at large – 12/17/14
  • Los Angeles, CA: 2 men open fire on LA police patrol car – 12/29/14
  • Florida: 9 shot in drive-by at Miami basketball court – 12/23/14
  • Florida: Manhunt in Tampa following triple murder – 12/5/14
  • Florida: Police officer killed, Tampa shooter in custody – 12/21/14
  • Chicago: Multiple victims stabbed on train from Chicago to Michigan – 12/4/14
  • Virginia: Man shoots 3 in Manassas – 12/20/14
  • Portland, Oregon: 4 students shot at a high school – 12/12/14
  • West Virginia: Shooting spree leaves four dead, including gunman – 12/1/14
  • West Virginia: 5 dead in shooting rampage – 12/2/14
  • Texas man indicted for plot to blow up Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem – 12/9/14
  • Texas: 4 dead in Crowley, Texas home – 12/28/14
  • Atlanta, Georgia: 2 police officers shot, causing gun battle, lengthy manhunt – 12/12/14
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 6 killed in shooting spree – 12/15/14
  • Philadelphia, PA: Man tries to run down police in Upper Darby; they shoot and kill him – 12/30/14
  • Washington, DC: 5 stabbed at bar on Pennsylvania Avenue – 12/27/14
  • Tennessee: FBI warns of ISIS plot to bomb Memphis-Arkansas bridge – 12/22/14
  • Louisiana mall: 1 dead after shooting – 12/24/14
  • France arrests 10 people in jihadist network who sent fighter planes to Syria – 12/15/14
  • France: 5 terror attacks thwarted, 13 networks broken – 12/17/14
  • France: 11 people injured in Eastern France (Dijon) after man drives into crowd shouting Islamic slogans – 12/21/14
  • France: Police suspect terror in knife attack on 2 officers. Man shouted “Allahu Akbar” – 12/21/14
  • France: Third attack in 2 days – 10 injured as attacker rams van into French Christmas market, then stabs himself. Prime Minister Valls: “We have never known such serious danger where terrorism is concerned.” – 12/22/14
  • Canada: Officers shoot Canadian man on US border waving handgun – 12/21/14
  • Russia: Militants attack police post in Chechnya, 19 dead – 12/4/14
  • Yemen: Explosion rocks US Yemeni military base – Al Qaeda militants targeted base in retaliation – 12/10/14
  • Yemen: 2 car bombs kill 31 people, including 20 children – 12/16/14
  • Yemen: Al Qaeda kills 2 Western hostages during SEALS raid – 12/6/14
  • Kenya: Islamist rebels kill 36 workers, Al Shabaab responsible – 12/2/14
  • Africa: Militants attack African Union base in Somali capital, 9 dead – 12/29/14
  • Pakistan: Taliban kills 148, mostly children, in school – 12/16/14
  • Pakistan: 77 militants killed following school slaughter – 12/16/14
  • Pakistan: Family slaughtered in honor killing – 12/10/14
  • Pakistan plans to execute 500 militants – 12/22/14
  • Afghanistan: Multiple Taliban attacks kill 20 – 12/13/14
  • Afghanistan: Taliban attackers kill 3 South Africans in Kabul – 12/1/14
  • Nigeria: Boko Haram kidnaps 185 women and children, kills 32 – 12/18/14
  • Nigeria: Bombing kills 27 at bus station as Boko Haram storms another town – 12/22/14
  • Nigeria: 15 killed in Boko Haram raid – 12/31/14
  • Iraq: US kills 3 ISIS leaders in air strikes – 12/18/14
  • Iraq: Suicide attack at funeral near Baghdad kills 15, wounds 26 – 12/19/14
  • Iraq: ISIS claims suicide bombing that killed 38 – 12/26/14
  • India: Tribal guerrillas kill 54 in wave of attacks in Northeast India – 12/23/14
  • UK and US: Al Qaeda magazine calls for lone wolf terrorists to blow up Easy Jet and British Airways planes using bombs made in their kitchens. American Airlines, Delta and United also targeted – 12/28/14

Health and Medical Breakthroughs

  • Spinal cord injury: Scientists herald breakthrough treatment in reversing spinal damage – 12/4/14
  • Weight loss breakthrough: London research study claims “feel full” chemical could be the future of weight loss. – 12/11/14
  • Heart Disease breakthrough: Novartis heart failure drug provides many benefits – 11/18/14
  • Alzheimer’s study: Smokers have a 45% higher risk of developing dementia than non-smokers – 10/2/14
  • Alzheimer’s: New non-invasive MRI method can detect Alzheimer’s disease early – 12/22/14

Earthquakes/ Extreme Weather/ Mega Storms

  • France: 5 dead, thousands evacuated in severe Southern France floods – 11/30/14
  • California: Fiercest storm in 5 years – “Pineapple Express” pounds California, hundreds of schools closed. Tens of thousands lost power – 12/11/14
  • Los Angeles, CA: Rare tornado strikes for first time in decade – 12/12/14
  • Southeast US: 4 dead as severe storms, tornadoes rip across Southeast from Missouri to Michigan – 12/23/14
  • Philippines: 53 dead in flooding and landslides caused by tropical storm Jangmi. 132,000 evacuated – 12/31/14
  • 2014 was warmest year ever, breaking three records – 12/27/14
  • Malaysia and Thailand: Epic flooding, landslides – 12/17/14

Celebrity/ Sports/ College/ and Church Scandals

  • Mafia boss Gambino arrested in New York, 8 arrested in $1 million dollar black mail scheme – 12/12/14
  • Scientists tally up all of Dr. Oz Show advice. Half of it found to be baseless or wrong – 12/17/14
  • NFL Superstar Darren Sharper indicted, faces life in prison with no parole for drugging and raping eleven women – 12/12/14
  • Rabbi Freundel, 63, secretly tapes at least 150 women in ritual bath in a synagogue in Georgetown, Washington DC – 11/2014
  • Chinese campus brothel gave students discount for sex; run by the university president – 10/27/14

Year of the Woman

  • Church of England finally officially welcomes female bishops – 12/15/14
  • Hillary Clinton tops Oprah on Most Admired Woman List 2014 (Gallup Poll) – 12/29/14
  • Singer Taylor Swift has bestselling album of 2014 – “1989” sold 3.6 million copies, beating “Frozen” soundtrack – 12/31/14



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This is a record. I don’t think that there are any predictions that are left that the twins made that have not come true already. Now you all see why I believe in them. No one else in the world can match their track record and talent (gift). That is why I wrote the article The Psychic Twins: Oracles of the 21st Century. Thank you, Linda and Terry, for everything!
– David M. Baker, author and host of Beyond the Gate Radio

You are angels among us. If government was clever you could be President Obama’s best advisors! You are miracles and an amazing inspiration.
– Ralitsa P.

Thank you for choosing to be born, blessing our earth with your wonderful presence. In Love and Light…
– Lynette

I just wanted to say how truly grateful I am to both of you for your empowering words of hope, wisdom, and faith. I cannot begin to explain to you how much your book “Psychic Intelligence” has enlightened my life, and in the process, the lives of others. You teach of happiness and love, and live by it as well, and I appreciate your sincerity and generous hearts.
– Preston J.

“The Psychic Twins are absolutely AMAZING. They are our A-Listers!”
– Ricki Lake, TV host and author, The Ricki Lake Show

Linda and Terry Jamison are women of deep character, passion, confidence and integrity with gifts that display truth and power on every level. They bring to their work so much more than their very evident and proven psychic abilities – they emanate an energy that comes straight from their hearts allowing others to know they are connecting to their unique essence and needs in a truly open, powerful and authentic way.
– Dr. Kristin Whitelaw (Owner at Dr. Kristin Whitelaw Holistic and Transformative Counseling)

When I first learned of the twins, I was a fan. When I read their books they became my heroes, but then I started to listen to them… to really listen. Not only to their predictions, but to them, and what I heard were two beautiful spirits who choose every day to help others, and in doing so I found Kindred Spirits.
– Joanna D.

The Psychic Twins are the most documented psychics in history. Their amazing world predictions include terrorist attacks, medical breakthroughs, national and natural disasters, the U.S. economy, stock market crashes, et al. Because they keep files on all predictions they write, The Psychic Twins were able to locate at least five different documents of their channeled writing which specifically foretold these events of 9/11 for the year 2001.
– Art Bell “Coast to Coast A.M.” Premier Radio 11/99

The Psychic Twins have mind-blowing ESP! They offered us proof on tape of 9/11 and their other amazing world predictions.
– ABC Nightline

I’m obsessed with The Psychic Twins! Terry and Linda are so spectacular and they’ve predicted so many insanely accurate things. Their new book Psychic Intelligence is a classic!
– Colette Baron-Reid, author of The Map

I saw you on The View and I am extremely amazed at the accomplishments that the two of you have achieved!
– Patrick M.

Fire all of homeland security and hire Terry and Linda Jamison!
– Larry

I have watched every show you two have been on. You two have such a wonderful spirit and great sense of humor. Thank you for your beauty, grace and spirit.
– Kathleen L.

The charisma and power you two have is just unbelievable, and a confirmation of your being genuine and sincere.
– Olivier N., England

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Psychic Intelligence is the best spiritual book published to date!!! (Amazon reviewer)
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Psychic Intelligence should be at the top of Oprah’s list for her Book Club 2.0 because it’s a groundbreaking book by the world’s most documented accurate psychics. Your book gives really practical and helpful advice anyone can use for bettering their lives and improving their situation. Highly recommended.
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Psychic Intelligence By Terry and Linda Jamison is one of the best books I have ever read! We are all psychic, and this book shows you how to tap into it step by step! My 16 year-old daughter is reading it now and she has found out she has more abilities than she thought she had, and has also gained new psychic and spiritual abilities that I’ve noticed. Terry and Linda have helped awaken more of my child’s psychic abilities and I am very grateful of this. I am just simply fascinated! I highly recommend this book for Oprah’s Book Club! On a 1 to 10 scale, I say10 hands down and over the top!!
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Thank you for sharing your wisdom/knowledge with us in the way that you do and helping others not feel “weird” for believing in and having heightened intuition. You help us not feel alone, and you give us the tools to help ourselves. I never expected I could be this blown away! I finally understand everyone before me and how they raved about Psychic Intelligence. I feel like a kid in a candy store or something when I talk about it! I’m just excited and thankful! Yay!
– Samantha W.

I have seen and heard of other psychics in this life, but you two are just beyond! Your track record and your help with so many people in this life is amazing. I truly believe God has placed you in this lifetime as a guide for humanity.
– Jean V.

Have just seen your episode of The UneXplained, it took my breath away. First, the reading was heartbreaking, so emphatic, very emotional and yet another proof of your authenticity. After so many years of uncertainty, this family has now complete insight what really happened to their daughter/sister. This shows that everything happens for a reason (even such a terrible crime as murder). It’s all about learning our karmic lessons as forgiveness to enlighten our soul. Terry and Linda, you are truly a blessing for humankind. ♥♥
– Sana M., Serbia

Darling Beloved Mermaids,
My head continues to spin around really fast, trying to keep up with you Two! You are so beautiful and incredible… thank you
for being alive and showing us the future so clearly!
– Martha L.

Lady Gaga’s got nothing on you two. You give the world hope and you do it with such humility and compassion. Hope is something that is sorely needed in the world right now. You’re super connected to the Source.
– Judith R., Arizona

You are both such pure souls, real gems… the real deal… you carry the energy that could heal the world. You help the world as we search for the divine, you represent the highest energy — the essence of love. With individuals like you the community around us is blessed. You represent the highest expression of love & consciousness. Bravo, great teachers, BRAVO.
– Delaine S., Texas

Your gifts are so much more important than showmanship, curiosity and money. They hold among them the unique attributes to help usher greater and greater bits of heaven unto earth by eliminating darkness and illuminating truth. I hope you continue your “war” on darkness and ignorance.
– Patrick

I think the government should listen to your predictions more, as you have a 100% track record that no one else can claim. You both are the real deal… in the psychic world you are my idols! Many psychics and mediums have egos, you both don’t. You’re spot on every time.
– Gary A., UK

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