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Psychic Dating

[Excerpt from our world #1 bestseller Psychic Intelligence]

Many of us tend to worship at the “Shrine of the Holy Soulmate.” When we are lost in love, most of us can miss even the most glaring warning signs in a romantic partnership. The initial period of romantic desire when we can be carried away by unreasoned passion is called “limerance,” a term coined by a psychologist to describe the obsessive infatuation of falling in love. True feelings of love can take months or even years to develop. To avoid unnecessary dating distress, use these tips and follow your Clairs!

We so often see people, both male and female, making disastrous marriage decisions and ending up in divorce court. Many women, for example, inherit debt that they had no idea their husband had before the marriage. Shortly after New Year’s 1998, Linda had a premonition that she would meet a man on March fifth. Amazingly, on that very day a friend introduced her to Taylor, an acupuncturist and naturopath, and they began dating. Taylor built Linda a few pieces of furniture, which made a good first impression. For a while she felt adored and cherished. He gave her back massages and made her feel special. He even indicated that he was financially stable and ready to buy a house and settle down with the right person. They had been dating a few months when one night, out of nowhere Terry said, “He has sixty thousand dollars in debt that he hasn’t told you about.” Sure enough, Linda found out that very night that Terry was correct, down to the dollar, when Taylor sheepishly confessed it without any prompting. It was hard to walk away from a guy who built coffee tables and had a healing gift, but Linda knew that having so much debt was a deal-breaker. They broke up a short time later.

We hear and read every day about people who were blindsided by a spouse’s infidelity or some financial indiscretion because they were so focused on the fantasy of the life they’d imagined that they failed to tune in to the reality of the actual situation. In his best-selling biography Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words, Andrew Morton quotes the late princess Diana as saying, “The night before the wedding I was very, very calm, deathly calm. I felt I was a lamb to the slaughter. I knew it and couldn’t do anything about it.” Unfortunately, she got the feeling too late, and the rest is history. We suspect that if she had tuned in to her psychic intelligence sooner, she might well have avoided a great deal of heartbreak down the road.

When you’re on a date, listen with your inner ear. Do you share this person’s goals and values? What do they say about their ex-partners? Are you hearing more than you ever wanted to about this person’s divorce? Do they listen to you or just talk? In a restaurant, notice the language they use, and what they say to the wait staff. We can pick up on a lot of character clues in one conversation. Go back to the previous chapter and reread the section on how to become a better judge of character.

When you’re with the right person, you should be happy and relaxed. You should feel positive energy flowing between you. If you feel awkward, anxious, or drained, don’t dismiss those feelings. Do you feel as if your shoulders are hunched up around your neck? If your body is tense and giving you negative feedback, pay attention. Trust the vibes you get. Don’t confuse lust with love. If you drink too much, you won’t be as aware of your true feelings, so try to limit yourself to one or two drinks.

The two of us can usually predict down to the nanosecond how long we will date someone. (Terry finds this particularly annoying because Linda will say, “You’re going to date him for two weeks and ten minutes.” And she’ll always be right.) That is because we use all four of our Clairs! When you’re with someone, notice what thoughts are running through your mind: Is he or she truthful? Interested? Sincere? Respectful? Does he or she give you only a cell phone number? Is this person unavailable on holidays? Does he or she seem too smooth or too nervous around you? Is he secretive about how he spends his free time?

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