“We are experiencing a revolution in consciousness now. We need to radically rethink intelligence, expand our perception of intelligence. Our very survival depends on it.”
– The Psychic Twins

Warm greetings to all our Friends, Fans, and Future Fanatics spanning the globe…

Just this past month, we have witnessed horrifying attacks in Nice France, Munich Germany, Dallas Texas, Orlando and Fort Myers Florida and many other places around the world.

In this climate of political and financial upheaval, mass shootings, terror attacks, racial unrest, war and uncertainty, many of us are feeling lost and fearful of what the future may hold. There is a need for spiritual anchoring at times of extreme loss and tragedy. What is happening is a kind of “karmic tearing-down process,” where we as humans are being forced to confront our faulty belief systems that are no longer working.

While it may be difficult or painful, we can choose to have a shift in perception… to see these crises as an opportunity to review our beliefs and behaviors, and take responsibility for our choices. In a certain way, humanity is going through a powerful initiation process where we are being called to grow and expand—to begin anew, releasing fear and perceived limitations that are holding us back from becoming our fully conscious selves. These challenges are helping us to develop appreciation and deeper levels of compassion for ourselves and others, even with all our flaws.

We are finding that spiritual security is the only real security, and no one can take that from us. We can choose right now to focus on all the things that we are grateful for, all the things—family, health, children, dear friends, talents and abilities—that we do have. Now, it is more important than ever to carve out time to meditate and quiet the mind, to call in the angels of peace. Let’s resist the impulse to allow ourselves to be consumed by
anger and fear. Instead, choose to honor the experience and find a place of internal peace, which will ultimately bring us the confidence and wisdom to take the next step.

In Buddhism the term “hendoku iyaku” refers to the process of turning poison to medicine with faith and a positive attitude of determination. Ask yourself: What steps can I take right now to neutralize any negativity or resentments that I may be holding onto? Try not to buy into the mass mind of fear and anger. It is the job of the media and politicians to perpetuate fear and a feeling of helplessness. Focusing on these emotions will only aggravate the problem, adding to your frustration. Ask yourself: What attitude will best serve me now? How can I reconnect with my passions? Choose to anchor a new, healthier belief about being able to make a difference in the world. Find a way to reach out and support others. It helps to do affirmations or pray “I heal and release fear now.” All of our personal and global problems are the result of fear. Fear separates and destroys. Love heals and creates unity. Love builds bridges.
Allow yourself to be motivated by loving thoughts and actions.

These global issues cannot be resolved quickly, but we are hopeful that circumstances will improve in the coming months and years, as we approach 2017.
Remember, we cannot control the actions of others, but we get to choose our reactions and responses to any kind of event. A greater level of trust and surrender to our higher power is required now. An attitude of gratitude and acceptance goes a long way in bringing about change and healing. With an open heart, a deeply spiritual transformation can indeed occur.

We greatly appreciate your wonderful letters and messages of support, always!
Be kind to one another, be safe, and we’ll see you in the future…

Terry and Linda
The Psychic Twins


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