“Your destiny doesn’t depend on the opinion of haters.”
– T.D. Jakes

Dear Friends,

If you have been following the election (and who hasn’t?) you know that there is a lot of anger out there. We are all SHOOK, and many are sad and perplexed. How can Hillary Clinton win millions more votes than Donald Trump, yet still lose? Is this the Mandela Effect??

**Scroll down to read exact transcription of our election predictions from our original world predictions radio show, Beyond the Gate Radio

We made many predictions about the 2016 campaign and election that were accurate, but we saw Hillary prevailing, like millions of other people. The night of the election, we were deluged with tweets about it. Most of them were full of viscous hate and anger, directed at us. It was kind of like drop-kicking a cat across the room and watching it ricochet off every wall! We were called liars and a lot of names we can’t post here. We shut down our Twitter page to take a day off and pray for things to calm down.

Emotions are running high—we get it. But most of the comments did not come from our fans, friends, or followers. There are a lot of bullies and haters who delight in targeting psychic mediums online. It’s a way of life for them. We call this “psychic attack” or “psychic terrorism.” But we have been targeted and bullied for three decades. We feel it is dangerous to label all intuitives liars and frauds for trying to help others. It is the equivalent of a “witch hunt” in modern day.

We have been demonstrating our psychic abilities for 30 years on TV and radio shows. For free. Haters have attacked us for the clothes we wear, for being nice, for being too white, for smiling too much. They said they were happy when our mother died. They have sent us death threats. They have stalked us, threatened us, and they have posted videos lying about our predictions. This is nothing new.

We have always said that the future is not a fixed event, that what we predict is never “written in stone—it’s written in pencil.” The future is fluid. We cannot change the free will of others to vote in the way they choose. We can’t change the electoral college rules. Anyone who follows us knows this.

We never make our predictions as decrees from “on high.” (If we were God, we would charge a lot more!)

The only way we know to handle the abuse is to do what we have always done: respond honestly through our writing, our tweets, and our videos. To the bullies, we encourage you to read our books, newsletters, tweets, or our website. We invite you to listen to our 20 years of public predictions or any of our shows going back to the early 90s. (All are easily accessible on YouTube or through our website).

Haters gonna hate. That’s what they do. They are trying to stop us. Many people are afraid of what they don’t understand. For centuries, intuitives and healers have been abused, demonized and even killed for their gifts.

If you don’t like us, don’t watch our channel. Don’t read our newsletters, our tweets or our FB posts. For those of you who do enjoy and feel inspired by our work, we thank you for your amazing love and support. All are welcome. Black, white, brown, green. Male, female, gay, straight, trans, disabled… all are welcome here.

We will try to be the safe place for you. We’ll see you in the future.


Terry and Linda
The Psychic Twins

**As a side note here, we have many people online who are making up lies about our predictions, because they are afraid of what they don’t understand. We share this not as a victory lap, but to correct misunderstandings and in our own defense. We appreciate all of you who have helped to defend our work over the years, and who have contradicted the false stories about us online. We NEVER doctor our radio shows or YouTube videos, or edit them after they air. That is why we make our predictions on the shows that other people own.

Here is the verbatim transcript of our prediction for the 2016 election that we made on our World Predictions Show on Beyond the Gate Radio on January 11, 2015, two years before the election:

TERRY: So let’s talk, um..
LINDA: Election 2016?
TERRY: …Election of 2016 briefly.
LINDA: OK, we see that Hillary will likely announce in the spring that she will be running for President. Again, we see her distancing herself from Obama. Clinton will be the overwhelming frontrunner for the nomination. Nobody else is gonna be able to touch her (for the nomination). If Elizabeth Warren runs, also I feel that’s not a negative that’s a positive, because I think she’s going to force Clinton to articulate how she would help the middle class with the economic issues that they face. And that hasn’t really happened… we haven’t really seen a clear policy.
LINDA: So I think, you know, we’ll see Hillary Clinton committing to the kinds of policies that will be desirable to many voters, umm, including some independent and even moderate Republicans who are struggling right now in the current economy. I think that it’s going to be an interesting race, it’s going to be quite a fascinating and ugly race. It’s going to really get down and dirty. You think worldwide wrestling is bad! I think it’s gonna get worse than that.
CHERYLL: (Laughing)
TERRY: …and not to mention the most expensive, right? The most expensive political race, presidential race in history…
LINDA: Yeah, right.
LINDA: But I think it’s gonna be interesting to have a female in Office.
TERRY: What, Cheryll?
CHERYLL: Yes. I was gonna say do you see Jeb, Jeb putting in his bid… Jeb Bush?
TERRY: Well…
LINDA: I thought that he would. Do you agree, Terry?
TERRY: I think he will… probably throw his hat in the ring, it seems like everybody and his mother’s running right now…
LINDA: …but the Clintons and the Bushes, they are dynasties…
LINDA: It’s like ‘Dynasty’ without the shoulder pads.
(Everybody laughing.)
LINDA: Actually, Hillary wore some pretty bad shoulder pads.
TERRY: Maybe they’ll even beat each other up by the pool.
LINDA: (Laughing.)
CHERYLL: Oh, my goodness, that would be great!
LINDA: But I think that we’re going to see, umm you know, violence against women will be an increasing. You know, topics that Hillary may bring up to as we move towards the 2016 election. I think this whole thing about rape culture and you know, rape victims not feeling safe to report even to the police when they’ve been raped. It’s been going on as long as we’ve been alive, it’s just this ridiculous culture of suppression and silence and shutting women up. I think women will be, you know, speaking out more about this and I look forward to that, don’t you? I mean…
LINDA: …Women need to have more of a voice and I think having a female president would really help give women more rights and more of a voice. They really are, you know, strong…getting strong. Women are strengthening… in spirit and numbers and I’m excited about what the next few years hold for women and CEO’s. More doors opening up for women in corporate and film directors and—name it… I think, you know, they’re even making superhero films about women now. And sports are starting to, you know… the NBA I think, now has its first assistant female coach so that is… that’s all exciting stuff, I want to see more of that happening.
LINDA: …Embracing the divine feminine…
[End excerpt]

Link to the actual show here:



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Spectacular Reading – 5 Stars!
Absolutely loved reading this book. Couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait for the next one to come out.
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The chapter on Natalie Wood is something I have suspected. It is BEYOND amazing!!!!!! Well done. #truth
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Another extraordinary gift has been given us by Terry and Linda Jamison with this wonderful book! The Psychic Twins have provided insights and and answers to so many mysteries which have long haunted us. Their compassionate dialogue, especially with those stars who endured unspeakable emotional and physical abuse while being held prisoner in the spotlight of fame, was especially moving… giving voice to their suffering and meaning to their incomplete lives. This is an inspiration to all of us left to ponder the meaning of fame, and life after death. We have been blessed with two angels that can pierce the veil of illusion separating us from our loved ones passing before us… This book is a rare enchantment to be treasured, inspiring us with the beauty of the higher dimensions beyond life and the marvels in life after death.
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Terry & Linda did a phenomenal job channeling all of these beautiful souls. I was shedding tears as I read these amazing messages of wisdom. A beacon of light & truth!
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This is a record. I don’t think that there are any predictions that are left that the twins made that have not come true already. Now you all see why I believe in them. No one else in the world can match their track record and talent (gift). That is why I wrote the article The Psychic Twins: Oracles of the 21st Century. Thank you, Linda and Terry, for everything!
– David M. Baker, author and host of Beyond the Gate Radio

You are angels among us. If government was clever you could be President Obama’s best advisors! You are miracles and an amazing inspiration.
– Ralitsa P.

Thank you for choosing to be born, blessing our earth with your wonderful presence. In Love and Light…
– Lynette

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“The Psychic Twins are absolutely AMAZING. They are our A-Listers!”
– Ricki Lake, TV host and author, The Ricki Lake Show

Linda and Terry Jamison are women of deep character, passion, confidence and integrity with gifts that display truth and power on every level. They bring to their work so much more than their very evident and proven psychic abilities – they emanate an energy that comes straight from their hearts allowing others to know they are connecting to their unique essence and needs in a truly open, powerful and authentic way.
– Dr. Kristin Whitelaw (Owner at Dr. Kristin Whitelaw Holistic and Transformative Counseling)

When I first learned of the twins, I was a fan. When I read their books they became my heroes, but then I started to listen to them… to really listen. Not only to their predictions, but to them, and what I heard were two beautiful spirits who choose every day to help others, and in doing so I found Kindred Spirits.
– Joanna D.

The Psychic Twins are the most documented psychics in history. Their amazing world predictions include terrorist attacks, medical breakthroughs, national and natural disasters, the U.S. economy, stock market crashes, et al. Because they keep files on all predictions they write, The Psychic Twins were able to locate at least five different documents of their channeled writing which specifically foretold these events of 9/11 for the year 2001.
– Art Bell “Coast to Coast A.M.” Premier Radio 11/99

The Psychic Twins have mind-blowing ESP! They offered us proof on tape of 9/11 and their other amazing world predictions.
– ABC Nightline

I’m obsessed with The Psychic Twins! Terry and Linda are so spectacular and they’ve predicted so many insanely accurate things. Their new book Psychic Intelligence is a classic!
– Colette Baron-Reid, author of The Map

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Fire all of homeland security and hire Terry and Linda Jamison!
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– Kathleen L.

The charisma and power you two have is just unbelievable, and a confirmation of your being genuine and sincere.
– Olivier N., England


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Psychic Intelligence By Terry and Linda Jamison is one of the best books I have ever read! We are all psychic, and this book shows you how to tap into it step by step! My 16 year-old daughter is reading it now and she has found out she has more abilities than she thought she had, and has also gained new psychic and spiritual abilities that I’ve noticed. Terry and Linda have helped awaken more of my child’s psychic abilities and I am very grateful of this. I am just simply fascinated! I highly recommend this book for Oprah’s Book Club! On a 1 to 10 scale, I say10 hands down and over the top!!
– Danielle D.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom/knowledge with us in the way that you do and helping others not feel “weird” for believing in and having heightened intuition. You help us not feel alone, and you give us the tools to help ourselves. I never expected I could be this blown away! I finally understand everyone before me and how they raved about Psychic Intelligence. I feel like a kid in a candy store or something when I talk about it! I’m just excited and thankful! Yay!
– Samantha W.

I have seen and heard of other psychics in this life, but you two are just beyond! Your track record and your help with so many people in this life is amazing. I truly believe God has placed you in this lifetime as a guide for humanity.
– Jean V.

Have just seen your episode of The UneXplained, it took my breath away. First, the reading was heartbreaking, so emphatic, very emotional and yet another proof of your authenticity. After so many years of uncertainty, this family has now complete insight what really happened to their daughter/sister. This shows that everything happens for a reason (even such a terrible crime as murder). It’s all about learning our karmic lessons as forgiveness to enlighten our soul. Terry and Linda, you are truly a blessing for humankind. ♥♥
– Sana M., Serbia

Darling Beloved Mermaids,
My head continues to spin around really fast, trying to keep up with you Two! You are so beautiful and incredible… thank you
for being alive and showing us the future so clearly!
– Martha L.

Lady Gaga’s got nothing on you two. You give the world hope and you do it with such humility and compassion. Hope is something that is sorely needed in the world right now. You’re super connected to the Source.
– Judith R., Arizona

You are both such pure souls, real gems… the real deal… you carry the energy that could heal the world. You help the world as we search for the divine, you represent the highest energy — the essence of love. With individuals like you the community around us is blessed. You represent the highest expression of love & consciousness. Bravo, great teachers, BRAVO.
– Delaine S., Texas

Your gifts are so much more important than showmanship, curiosity and money. They hold among them the unique attributes to help usher greater and greater bits of heaven unto earth by eliminating darkness and illuminating truth. I hope you continue your “war” on darkness and ignorance.
– Patrick

I think the government should listen to your predictions more, as you have a 100% track record that no one else can claim. You both are the real deal… in the psychic world you are my idols! Many psychics and mediums have egos, you both don’t. You’re spot on every time.
– Gary A., UK

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