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THE PSYCHIC TWINS: Documented World Predictions!


Their 80 biggest world predictions that happened from 1999-2016. • 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks and the Pentagon attack of September 11, 2001 were the deadliest in history. The Psychic Twins are the only people who predicted the attacks…

Futurescope August 2016

Futurescope, Media, Newsletter, Predictions

Greetings to all ourFriends, Fans, and Future Fanatics spanning the globe! Psychic Dating [Excerpt from our world #1 bestseller Psychic Intelligence] Many of us tend to worship at the “Shrine of the Holy Soulmate.” When we are lost in love,…

Futurescope July 2016

Futurescope, Newsletter, Predictions

“We are experiencing a revolution in consciousness now. We need to radically rethink intelligence, expand our perception of intelligence. Our very survival depends on it.” – The Psychic Twins Warm greetings to all our Friends, Fans, and Future Fanatics spanning…